Top Fashion – Musée Yves Saint Laurent, Paris

Designer Yves Saint Laurent was a huge “feminist” activist and inspired women to dress in a more masculine way during the 1960s. Creator of the Androgynous look, he empowered women to be strong and fierce in their everyday fashion. For anyone that knew of the designs by YSL, he was world-renowned for his iconic Tuxedo suits, Safari Jacket, Mondrian Dress, Haute Peasant/Ethnic Look, and See-Through Blouses.

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it. “ – YSL


Fondation Pierre Bergé
Pierre Bergé honors Yves Saint Laurent
Tuxedo inspired
Le Smoking, first Tuxedo for women
Signature items of YSL
Signature Trenchcoat and One piece Jumper
Fringe and Fur YSL
Fringe and Fur
Haute Peasant YSL
Haute Peasant
YSL Tribal/Ethnic inspired
Tribal/Ethnic inspired
Bejeweled Costume inspired Jacket
Bejeweled Coutume Jacket
fashion genius YSL
Workings of a Fashion Genius
Straw Hat - YSL
Iconic Straw Hat
Evening Gowns - YSL
Costume Evening Gowns
Evening Gown - YSL
Elegant Evening Gown
Yves Saint Laurent Workspace
A shot of his Workspace in Black & White
Androgynous Mannequin - YSL
Workspace with an Androgynous Mannequin
Yves Saint Laurent Jewelry
Costume Jewelry Box
YSL necklace
Beautifully adorned necklace
Dove Dress


“I want to thank all the women who have worn my clothes, the famous and the unknown, who have been so faithful to me and given me so much joy. ” – YSL

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