Top 10 Non-French places to Eat in Paris

Living in Paris is like a dream and the diversity of food that is available is incredible. While I’d like to say that I live in France and eat French food everyday, it’s a bit difficult to not try the other delicious cuisines available. Coming from New York City, I have high standards when it comes to food and I am super excited to share my list of the Top 10 Non-French places to eat in Paris.

Bon Appetit!

Do & Riz, Bo Bun Vietnamese Paris France Goodeats Foodie
Bo Bun

Do & Riz – Yummy “Bobun” in Paris. Imagine buttery soft sautéed beef spread over a bed of lettuce and rice vermicelli noodles with sliced carrots and a homemade spring roll. I’ve had many many Bobuns in Paris, and this one takes the cake! In New York, we usually order the spring roll as a separate appetizer so I was thrilled to find the delicious combination on one dish in Paris. €€

Pancakes with bacon and walnuts Season Paris France foodie yum hungry food good eats
Pancakes with bacon and walnuts

Season – In the mood for brunch? If you’re craving pancakes and avocado toast, stop by this popular spot for some delicious breakfast. The muesli is ohhh so good! Kinda reminds me of the trendy diner where the Sex and the City girls would go to in NYC. Wait times could be long on the weekends, but you could always leave your name and they will call you when the table is ready. €€

Luz Verde – It’s hard to find good mexican food in Paris but the tacos here are really good. Great cocktails and delicious guacamole. You’ll want to keep the tacos and drinks coming. Fantastic first date spot. €€-€€€

Japanese brunch set Palissade Paris France
Japanese brunch set

Palissade – One of the only brunch places in Paris that offers the choice of a Japanese set brunch or a Western set brunch. The dishes are prepared fresh each day with an ever-evolving menu. At night, they serve tapas and drinks until 2am. Popular place with locals for a drink. Cool chilled ambience to hang out with friends. €€-€€€

La Maison de la Poutine – If you love French fries, gravy and goey melty cheese, this Canadian inspired locale is just the place to go for some North American favorites. A variety of toppings to pick from, you won’t be disappointed any way you go. Limited seating. €€

Fried chicken waffle sandwich Gumbo Ya-Ya Paris France soul food
Fried chicken waffle sandwich

Gumbo Ya-Ya – Missing some Southern American food? Well, this is just the place for some mouth-watering fried chicken and waffles. A range of condiments are available including hot sauce and maple syrup. This place is actually better than Rocco’s in NYC. €

Minced Pork spicy noodles Happy Nouilles Paris France
Minced Pork spicy noodles

Happy Nouilles – Fresh hand-pulled noodles in a soup broth with a bit of spice. There are lots of options on the menu, but these noodles are a must try! I would skip the pan fried dumplings and go for the wontons and spicy minced pork noodles with the broth on the side. Very popular with the weekday lunch crowd. €

Cheddar Burger with Bacon Burger Joint Paris
Cheddar Burger with Bacon

Burger Joint – For a €13 set menu, you can have your choice of burger, fries and drink. The burgers are perfectly made and you have the option to add bacon. One of the few burger places with real cheddar cheese, you can also select how you want your burgers cooked. Seats are available but get there early to avoid the crowds. €€

Vegetarian Set Nanashi Paris France Marais
Vegetarian Set

Nanashi – Perfect for vegetarians, there is always a side salad and vegetables served with either your vegetarian, meat or fish main dish. Adequate seating for groups or tables of two, you can walk out of the restaurant feeling full and healthy. Located in the trendy Marais district. €€

bibimbap soon grill Paris France

Soon Grill – Bibimbaps and Korean BBQ are a huge hit anywhere in the world. I love how delicious and authentic the bibimbaps taste here as well as all the delicious side dishes “banchan” that accompany your meal. Stylish and trendy inside, the decor is superb. €€€

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16 Replies to “Top 10 Non-French places to Eat in Paris”

  1. Great post!
    Years ago, we were in Paris at that time in August when everyone closes up shop and goes on holiday. So really, most of our options were not French food. We found an awesome Moroccan place where they prepared everything in a tajine. And in another place, I had some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.

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    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading it. You are so right about the month of August where all the delicious bakeries and French restaurants are closed for weeks, it’s good to know that we have other options. Hope you get to come back to Paris sometime to visit! =)

      Liked by 1 person

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