Top Things to do in Vienna, Austria

If I could sum up this lovely city in a few words,  it would be the feeling of richness figuratively and literally. Narrow streets give way to wide open streets and gorgeous architecture. It’s hard not to think of Paris and Geneva as you stroll through the city.

I now understand why it’s considered by Parisiens to be a romantic city because there is an air of romance that isn’t overdone. I can’t remembered the last time I walked into such a beautiful church besides Rome.

Church in Vienna
Beautifully adorned and decorated

Let’s start with the food.

Schnitzel in its glory
I’ll have two please!

Schnitzel is the MUST try dish of Vienna. Try to book a table at Figlmueller and you won’t be disappointed with the schnitzel and beer. The potato salad and apple horseradish was to die for! $$

Delicious and perfectly cooked
Sausage anyone?

Bitzinger sausage stand in the Shopping district of Vienna serves a delicious hotdog. Come for a mid-afternoon snack with views of the Albertina and Staatsopernmuseum. $

chocolate and apples
Famous Cake at Sacher Hotel

In the same square, you will also find the world famous Hotel Sacher for the best Sacher-Torte chocolate cake. $$

Mozart Cafe
High ceilings and dessert

And last but not least, if you’re a fan of pastries and tea, you MUST stop by Mozart Cafe for a wide array of desserts in a beautifully decorated live music venue.   $$

Decadent desserts
Hard to Choose

Things to Do

Cream of the crop

Naschmarkt – famous outdoor market with food stalls, restaurants with outdoor seating and all kinds of fresh produce available for purchase. Stop by for lunch or brunch for a lively atmosphere. $$

Military Museum Vienna
For the World War Fanatics

Museum of Military History – A MUST see in Vienna with impressive World War I and II artillery including fighter jets, military uniforms and war tanks.

Donaukanal (Danube Canal) – Similar to the Paris Seine where everyone gathers for drinks and hanging out on lawn chairs without being overcrowded. Impressive graffiti covers the overpasses for a distinct hipster feel.

Haus des Meeres Aqua Terra Zoo – 11 story building which hosts a vast array of sharks, deep ocean fishes and reptiles. If you make it to the top floor, you will have spectacular views of the city and enjoy a nice ginger beer or spritzer.

Prater – Carnival and Amusement Park accessible by public transportation. Fun to go for some rides and games.

Schonbrunn Palace & Tiergarten Schonbrunn- Unlikely combination but the two are right next door to each other separated by a beautiful park. Great for a relaxing stroll.

Stephansplatz – Walking Square in the City Center with shopping and a beautiful Cathedral. For those of you inclined to check out the Casino, bring your passport for entry.

Overall, Vienna was a lovely place to visit and would be a great place to live. Will definitely return another time and go back for more Schnitzel!





78 Replies to “Top Things to do in Vienna, Austria”

  1. Oh I can’t tell you how many memories came flooding back after reading this. Vienna must be one of the most beautiful, old cities in the world for me. I have got to make a plan to go back there again. I need to feed my soul 😉

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  2. This looks like such an amazing city! I have a fascination for architecture and Europe has always been on my bucket list for all the amazing architecture you can find there. And the food looks to die for!

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  3. Sausage in any form is my favorite. Anyways coming back to Austria. I have never thought of visiting it but the pictures are lovely which you had given. And the food looks yummy. I need to do my research on that place.


  4. I’ve heard and read many good things about Vienna. I have sat in the airport several times. Next time I transit through I’m going to make sure that I stay for a few days. I want to try the schnitzel.

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  5. I’ve never been to Austria but have always wanted to go! Mostly because of sound of music but now I want to because of this food!! I’ll have to go there one day.


  6. Vienna looks soo beautiful! I definitely want to go, especially as I am a huge Sound of Music fan but the food looks incredible and now I want to go for that too.

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