Visit Annecy – Venice of France

Annecy first caught my eye after I saw stunning pictures of this beautiful village on Instagram. I was blown away by how much it resembled Venice with its beautiful canals and mini bridges. Of course, gondola rides were not available but there was something about this quaint cozy town that I just had to come for a long weekend.

Stunning canals Annecy France Old Town
Stunning canals

Growing up in the East Coast, I’ve always loved our family trips to Lake George and Finger Lakes. Lake Annecy reminds me of all my childhood memories pedal boating and swimming in the Lake. Known for pristine waters and beautiful mountain views, I spent three days lying on the grass lawn and sunbathing.


Annecy Lake France
Annecy Lake

At the Lake, you could easily rent speed boats, paddle boards, kayaks or pedal boats everyday of the week without reservations. Trinquet Nautique offered affordable rates for pedal boats and we took one out for a couple of hours one late afternoon.

Le Semnoz Hiking Trail Annecy France
Le Semnoz Hiking Trail

Hiking trails are plenty near Annecy and you could easily take the Sibra bus to one of the mountain trails for a great hiking experience. We were lucky enough to catch a paraglider take-off Le Semnoz Plateau.

Cheese everything is big at Annecy but if you find the Summer months a bit too hot to eat cheese fondue, there are plenty of other restaurants to have some French and International cuisine. We found a French tapas restaurant with some delicious dishes that tasted amazing. Reservations are required if you want to sit outside.

Le Recto French Tapas Annecy France
Le Recto

We also tried a highly-rated Italian restaurant with one of the best pizzas we’ve had since Rome. Each pizza is freshly made and the menu offers an extensive number of toppings. I went with the calzone and enjoyed every cheesy bite.

Le Sapaudia Annecy France Italian restaurant
Le Sapaudia

The historical town itself was no disappointment and with stunning canal views and colorful buildings, the view is picturesque anytime of the day. Lots of cute shops line the streets and you can easily find memorable souvenirs and great coffee.

Annecy France Night
Annecy by night

Overall, I had a great time at Annecy and can’t wait to come back next year. With close proximity to Switzerland, you can easily travel to Geneva in 45 minutes by car. For more information about what to do in Geneva, click here.

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35 Replies to “Visit Annecy – Venice of France”

  1. I visited Annecy more than 2 years ago and your post just brought back so many memories. I absolutely loved the town! Hopefully I can make my way back again.

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  2. This is absolutely stunning!! The pictures and the post made love France even more.
    To learn more about Vinece you can visit my latest artical. 😊

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