Paris: The Local’s Guide to Montmartre

Excited to be featured @Morenativethanthenatives blog this week for my Walking Guide to Montmartre. Hope you enjoy it!

More Native Than The Natives

We’re back in Paris for this post from fellow Parisian blogger, Rachel! Take a trip with her to one of the coolest districts in the French capital…

The history of Montmartre originated as a haven for artists to freely express themselves. Picasso, van Gogh, Monet are only a few that lived and called this place their home. Much like it is today, Montmartre is situated on a hill and while you’re still in Paris, you feel like its own little town outside of Paris. On most days, I get off at the Anvers Metro station and walk straight to Sacred Coeur from Rue de Steinkerque street. Touristy, crowded and unpleasant would be just a few of the things I feel as I walk through the souvenir shops and mob of people. Most guides will tell you to get off at Anvers as it’s the
quickest and most straight forward way…

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